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TRICK REVIEW - Moreo by Danny Weiser

Here is my in-depth review of Moreo by Danny Weiser.


The philosophy is simple: to give you the truth.

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If you want to watch the review, here is the YouTube version.


The performer removes an Oreo and hold it in hand. Then he stretches the Oreo visually, and split it into two.


You will receive a stretched Oreo, and a fake Oreo in round shape. 

A link to the password protected online instruction is also provided.


The Oreo gimmicks are made of durable plastic. The details on the surface are spectacular. It’s very realistic. 

The color of the gimmick is also nicely done. It’s the same as real Oreo. 

As for the design of the stretched gimmick, it is impressive in two ways: first, the stretched portion is well-designed. It imitates the pattern of a stretched Oreo in a ‘realistic way. Second, the gimmick is designed in a way that makes the splitting phase easy to do. 

However, the ordinary fake Oreo is only half the thickness of the real one. So you may have to watch your angle during performance. 

Overall, the quality of the product is beyond my expectation. The design, quality of materials, and surface details are top-notch. It’s probably one of the best manufactured Oreo gimmicks in the world. 


The explanation comes as online tutorial on YouTube. There is no option for you to download the video.

The effect is explained in a 22 minutes and 38 seconds long video. The explanation is hosted by Hanson Chien. It’s taught in Mandarin, but there is subtitle. There are 2 kinds of shots - medium and close-up. The explanation is very clear.

Length (in minutes) of the main parts (I literally counted): 

  • Introduction - 1:00

  • About Gimmick - 4:00

  • Basic Performance - 6:55

  • Advanced Performance - 6:03

  • Application - 3:39

  • Conclusion - 1:01

In 'About the Gimmick’, Hanson presents the viewer the evolution of the gimmicks. He has also done an excellent job in comparing the size of Oreo in different countries. The gimmick can be used on Oreo under 4.5cm, which is a common diameter found in Western countries. The Oreo which may not work with this gimmick is from Japan and Korea. 

In ‘Basic Performance’, Hanson teaches 2 effects using the both gimmicks. This section comes with studio performance for camera, and therefore viewer will have pretty good idea of how the effects look like. One effect is ’Stretching the Oreo’, and another is ’Splitting the Oreo’. Both effects are basic application but they are done beautifully. The explanation also handles the angles and details well, leaving audience no question on how the effects should be done correctly. I particularly like ’Splitting the Oreo’, because the effect can end pretty clean.

In ‘Advanced Performance’, two additional handlings are taught. Both versions involves getting-in and getting-out. The routines use real Oreo. They look very clean during performance, especially the version 2.  

In ‘Application’, another version of the effect is taught. This requires a lighter and table to perform. In my opinion, this version is not particular interesting in terms of effect. But it gives a reason why the Oreo is stretched. 

To conclude, the tutorial includes a lot of interesting routines. The gimmicks are straight-forwards and thus most magicians should have no problem in creating their own routines with the gimmicks. I think this tutorial is professionally done and I will give it 9/10 in score. 


  • The quality of the gimmick is top-notch.

  • You receive 2 pieces of gimmick: one stretched, one normal.

  • The effect can be repeatable. 

  • Good for both close up and parlour, and best for social media. 


It’s super easy. Even a kid can do it. In fact, my daughter has performed it on her YouTube channel. You may want to take a look.


There is no reset if you only perform the stretching phase. Even if you perform the splitting phase, the reset only takes a few seconds.  


Both gimmicks are not examinable. 


  • The routines are easy. 

  • The gimmicks are nicely manufactured and should last a long time. Nothing to break.

  • Reasonable price.


  • The round Oreo gimmick is too thin. And thus it has angle issue when used alone. 


Moreo by Danny Weiser takes classic stretching coin and make it into something which are suitable for audience of any kinds. Not only does it work for adult, but it is also a perfect prop for children.

Both materials and routines are top-notch. And it is flexible to be incorporated into your own routines. 

Some people may think US$35 is too much. However, unlike many magic props which somehow can be done DIY by manufacturers at low cost, Moreo gimmicks are probably done by plastic injection which cost much more production cost. Therefore, I think the price is somehow justified in terms of the gimmick quality. 

At current price of $35, it’s definitely a good pick if you love performing causal magic like this. It works for both adult and children. If you have other Oreo magic, you can also combine them for a longer routine. I will highly recommend it to any magic lovers because Moreo will delight audience for sure.

  • Video Quality: 9/10

  • Effectiveness of Tricks: 9/10

  • Practical: 10/10

  • Creativity: 8/10

  • Cost Performance: 9/10

  • Final Score: 9/10

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