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TRICK REVIEW - Hyper ESP Cards by Tenyo Magic

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Here is my in-depth review of Hyper ESP Cards by Tenyo Magic.


The philosophy is simple: to give you the truth.

When I review a product, I’d like to judge the product per se, but not putting past record or creator’s name/reputation into consideration. I will provide what is not said on the advertisement and details beyond the product itself.

I have no affiliation with any magicians or dealers. I paid the full price for this. I am not here to help creators and dealers to make sales, thus you will have everything good and bad about the product. Almost nothing is left out.

I believe by giving you the most transparent information, you will have better insight beyond the product description.

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If you want to watch the review, here is the YouTube version.


You will receive:

  • 25 marked ESP cards (blue back), 5 cards for each symbol

  • 5 double facers with the same faces

  • 5 double backers

  • 1 double facer with different face on each side 

  • 1 black envelope (ungimmicked)

An URL for English instruction in PDF, downloadable.


The dimension of the cards measures at 57mm x 89mm, which is almost the same as bridge size. 

The card stock quality is great, and the card snaps well. It's almost the same thickness as Bicycle card.

The symbol and back design are professionally printed with solid dark blue. If I am allowed to coin a word, I would describe the cards as 'HD printed'. 

The back design is dot pattern without any elements resembling the playing cards. Thus you don't have to worry that it may look like card tricks.

The cards are 'Made in Japan', thus its quality is guaranteed.    

As for the marking system, it is purely genius. It's very well hidden but super visible at great distance. Even if you stand at 2 meters away from the card, you can still read the marking. Interestingly, the marking become more clearer as you move away from the cards, thus audience has no chance to discover the marking in any situation, unless they know how to read it. 

The only disappointment I may have with this deck is, it doesn't come with red-back. But it is no an issue if you don't have too many effects which involve 2 different color backs. 

All in all, these ESP cards are some of the best I have ever seen. It comes with nice design and smart marking systems. Besides, you get more than enough gimmick cards for many other effects. I will give it 10 out of 10 for quality. 


The package comes with explanation in Japanese, but you can download the English PDF on Tenyo website. 

There are total of 6 effects comes with this ESP deck: 

All six routines are within the reach of beginners. There are no sleight of hand involved in any of them. 

X-Ray Vision

Effect: The spectator mixes the cards thoroughly and puts one on the table. The performer can see through this card and divine the symbol. Next another card is put in the black envelope. Despite this testing condition, the perform is able to divine the card again. 

This is the first trick in the manuscript. Though it employs a direct methodology, the second part of the effect is camouflaged with a smart strategy. Therefore, it looks very impossible that the performer can divine the selection. It’s a very effective trick for beginner and may even work for professionals. 

ESP Symbol Prediction

Effect: The performer takes out 3 ESP cards from the envelope. The spectator can freely choose one. Then it is shown that the selection is well predicted in advance. 

No sleight of hand is required in this effect. The spectator really has total freedom to choose a card. Methodology is not new but solid. It should work with most audience without issue. However, you cannot repeat the same effect with same group of audience. 

Divining a Chosen Symbol with Mind Reading

Effect: Two spectators cut the deck randomly and pick a card from top. The performer is able to divine both selections. 

If you love mentalism with impact, this effect is for you. The method forms the basic of many strong effects on the market, and it is proven to be effective. 

ESP Swindle

Effect: After the spectator thoroughly mixes 10 ESP cards, he deals them to the table. The performer turns over the card case to reveal a small picture that shows the cards in the same order.

This is a prediction effect with the card case. For the uninitiated, the method is diabolically clever. It is automatic, and the subtitles make it so fair. A small setup is involved but it takes only about 20 seconds to reset. 

ESP Psychic

Effect: Both spectator and performer are holding 5 cards each. The performer puts 1 card on table and spectator puts 1 on top of it. This is repeated 4 more times. All cards matches at the end. 

This is the most sophisticated routine in the manuscript. Nevertheless, it’s well within reach of beginners. The display at the end is clean and convincing. There are some other versions of the same trick on the market, but I think this one is probably the most practical and effective. I didn’t expect Tenyo has come up with a solution which is both easy and powerful. I like this much.

ESP Telekinetics

Effect: Hand 10 ESP cards to spectator, and he is allowed to shuffle, and turn over the cards freely. The a prediction is shown to state the final outcome of the shuffled pack. 

This effect takes some risks in the method, but reward you with a very powerful moment of revelation. The shuffle and turnover are legit, and the prediction is on the table from the beginning of the effect. No sleight of hand is involved and you don’t need to touch the cards at all. I’ve never seen other ESP cards offer such interesting effect. You will love this if you love twisted plot of ESP card effects. 

To conclude, the routines comes with this package are all very solid and practical. Though they are not sophisticated routines, but all of them are good enough for professional performances. They comes with good variety, and are easy to understand from audience perspective. If you are new to ESP cards, they are good starters and will lead you to more advanced routines. 


The routines are very easy. Even if you have experience in magic, you can perform them in no time. Almost no practice is needed. 


The cards are examinable, but not for the gimmick cards (double facer etc). 


  • High quality cards

  • Ingenious marking system which is almost undetectable by audience.

  • A lot of gimmick cards

  • Come with six practical and easy routines

  • Doesn't have different color back.

  • There are no picture in english manuscript 

  • Maybe the best cost-performing ESP cards on the market.


There are a lot of ESP cards on the market, what makes Hyper ESP cards special? 

First of all, these cards have a marking system which is so unique that it worth your attention. Unlike most marking systems which may require either good eyesight or are not ideal, the marking system on these cards is practical for many situations. I cannot emphasize enough how much I love the system. It can fool the smartest magicians for sure if they don't know how to read. It's right in front of your eyes but it's hidden at the same time.  

Besides, Tenyo is generous enough to give you more than enough gimmick cards. Seldom do you find 5 double-faced cards with 5 identical symbols on both sides, they can be used in a lot of routines. 

At current discounted price at $12, there is no reason for not trying these cards even if you don’t perform ESP effects often. For ESP card lovers, you will be delighted by the quality of these cards. It may probably replace the cards you are using. Though some fellows may think Tenyo is kind of toy-like and thus never intend to get Tenyo items, Hyper ESP Cards is different. It is so professional produced and beat many ESP cards on the market. I will give my highest recommendation without hesitation. It worth every penny. 

  • Manuscript Quality: 8/10

  • Effectiveness of Tricks: 10/10

  • Practical: 10/10

  • Creativity: 8/10

  • Cost Performance: 10/10

  • Final Score: 10/10

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